Welcome to the website of the Geospatial Lab (GeoLab).

The GeoLab is established by the Development Bureau of the HKSAR Government and operated by Tung Wah Group of Hospitals for encouraging the public to make use of spatial data in developing smart applications, dovetailing the Common Spatial Data Infrastructure (CSDI) initiative in support of smart city development.

You will find useful information here regarding the work of the GeoLab, including:

  • Introduction of facilities and usage of the GeoLab;
  • Information and registration of geospatial training courses, seminars and workshops held by the GeoLab;
  • Application of geographic information system (GIS) software; and
  • Knowledge sharing of geospatial data.

We believe that the GeoLab will enable start-ups, young generation and the general public with creative thinking to brainstorm, discuss, explore, communicate and develop a wide range of spatial data applications.

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SU Yau On Albert
Project Director of the Geospatial Lab


The Geospatial Lab (GeoLab), established by the Development Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, aims to provide a platform to nurture a geospatial community by encouraging the young generation, startups and creative minds to discuss, explore and exchange ideas for harnessing the potential of spatial data, thereby improving quality of life and promoting business opportunities.

The GeoLab provides a platform for the Government to reach out to the wider community through engagement activities to explore together the value and applications of spatial data and develop innovative applications for improving quality of life, as well as supporting the smart city development.

The GeoLab is operated by Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and supported by Smart City Consortium (SCC) to provide coaching services to support proof-of-concept projects using spatial data and conduct various activities such as competitions, workshops and talks. Through the integration of learning, experience and practice, the GeoLab would help raise public interest and explore together with the wider community the value and application of spatial data.

Main focus of the Lab

  • Engage our youth or students to get to know what spatial data is and its application
  • Encourage the youth, students and start-ups to share and explore ideas on spatial data development
  • Promote the use of spatial data in different sectors of society
  • Provide support on topical research to assist youth, students or start-ups on their projects by using spatial data and Geographic Information System (GIS)

The Services

  • Provide on-site advisory and consulting services (requires advance booking) to develop prototypes for proof-of-concept by using spatial data. Geospatial Lab will line up the relevant expertise as below:
    • SCC Spatial Data Infrastructure Committee
    • The Hong Kong Geographic Information System Association (HKGISA)
    • SCC’s various sector-specific Committees on different subjects (Fintech, Smart Mobility, Green, Smart Community, Smart Living, Internet of Things, Electronic Identity and etc.)
    • SCC President and SCC’s Investment Committee
  • Provide online and offline events such as webinars, forums, workshops, talks and school visits to share knowledge about spatial data
  • Provide venue (requires advance booking) with equipment for discussion related to spatial data
  • Provide cloud service for members
  • Provide exclusive services for Start-ups members
    • GIS consulting services
    • Meeting Room booking
    • Continuous computer device booking (for two weeks)