Opening Ceremony of the Geospatial Lab

The opening ceremony of the Geospatial Lab (GeoLab) is held on today (30 July 2021).  Mr. WONG Wai-lun, Michael, Secretary for Development, was invited to officiate and preside over the opening ceremony of the GeoLab.


Mr. TAM Chun Kwok, Kazaf, Chairman of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, in his speech, thanked the strong support of the Spatial Data Office of the Development Bureau and their officials for building a well-equipped GeoLab for the Group.  Users can now share the value and applications of spatial data together in a geospatial community, thereby promoting the development of the Common Spatial Data Infrastructure (CSDI) in smart cities.


The first activity, the “Establishment of Geospatial Lab-cum-Webinar”, took place online on 10 May 2021 with Government officials from the Development Bureau and notable experts in CSDI shared the latest development in geospatial data technology and concepts.  Several professional geospatial talks were held in June and July 2021 to enable the public to understand how to apply spatial data for geospatial applications.  A series of three workshops will be conducted in August 2021 to further introduce the basic knowledge of spatial data and Geographic Information System (GIS) to secondary school students as well as enhancing the interest of the young generation in the application of spatial data.  GeoLab will also launch various activities and services one after another.


In addition, the GeoLab coordinated the “CSDI Ambassador Naming Competition” earlier.  By naming the CSDI Ambassador, students can deepen their understanding of the platform and encourage the application of related services.  The competition has received an overwhelmingly response.  The awards for the winning results are also presented during the opening ceremony.


The GeoLab is officially opened on 15 July 2021.  The purpose of establishing the GeoLab is to create a geospatial community and enhance the public awareness, especially for the young generation and start-ups including application developers. Members of the public are welcome to visit.  The GeoLab provides professional GIS computer equipment and consulting services as well as seminars, lectures, and workshops to be held regularly to share the latest information about spatial data.



- End -