Primary School Category

Entry Requirements

  • Participation in the Awards must be on a school basis.
  • No limitation on the maximum number of teams from each school.
  • Contestants can participate as an individual or in a team of 2 to 6 people.
  • Each contestant may only participate in one team.


Use an interactive map application to record a journey that are geotagged with images, videos and geographic information. The map serves to introduce the relevant points of interest, their condition and characteristics to the public.


  • Use spatial data available at the CSDI portal where appropriate.
  • Use an interactive map application to create a map showing a route or multiple routes and all the stops visited by the contestants or their interested locations.
  • Each stop in the map is geotagged with images, video and narrative texts to  introduce the condition and characteristics of the places.

Judging Criteria




Content (30%)

  • Alignment with and relevance to the theme

Use of Interactive Map(30%)


  • Showing a route/routes with all the visited stops or interested locations on the interactive map
  • Geotagging each location with images, videos, and narrative texts to record the experience of the journey or introduce the places

Idea and creativity (20%)


  • Use of highly attractive graphs, photos, figures, videos and maps
  • Demonstration of novel and creative ideas
  • Originality of the work
  • Show personal observations and opinions


Overall Presentation (20%)

  • Arrangement of materials in a fashion that is intuitive and easy to follow

Final Presentation

Shortlisted contestants will be informed individually and must make a presentation on their deliverables to the judges on the Presentation Day. The final ranking of the Awards will be announced on the same day.