Open Category

Entry Requirements

  • Contestants can participate as an individual or in a team of 2 to 6 people.
  • Each individual may only participate in one team.


There are two phases under this category. Contestants will first submit a proposal for shortlisting. If shortlisted, the contestant will be asked to develop a spatial data-related application (a “deliverable”) based on the proposal, submit a work brief and present to the judges on the Presentation Day.

Phase 1: Proposal Development


Prepare a proposal detailing a potential solution to address a challenge identified under the ESG theme.

Proposal Template


A proposal prepared using Word or PowerPoint of no more than 20 pages (including appendix, excluding references), detailing the following in either English or Chinese:

  • Team profile
  • Key challenge(s) to be addressed under the theme of ESG
  • Proposed solution that addresses the challenge(s) (e.g., mobile application, web application, programme etc.)
  • Beneficiaries of the solution
  • Key spatial data to be used 
  • Spatial data available at the CSDI Portal should be used where appropriate 
  • Explanation of how spatial data will be used
  • Key technology / tools to be adopted (e.g., GIS, IoT, VR or others)
  • Expected benefits of the solution

Shortlisting Criteria


All proposal submission will be reviewed using the following criteria. Eight proposal submissions will be shortlisted for the second phase.



Content (30%)

  • Alignment with and relevance to the theme
  • Clarity and completeness on the issues to be addressed
  • Application of any suitable spatial measure and analyses 
  • Demonstration of the excellent grasp of logic thinking when analysing identified issues

Use of spatial data and technology / tools (30%)


  • Provision of detailed explanations of the observed distribution pattern as shown on the maps
  • Exploitation of geospatial technology (e.g., GIS, BIM, 3D, VR, AR, iOT) on spatial data to address issues related to ESG 
  • Use of spatial data to support the identification of challenge(s) 

Idea and creativity (30%)


  • Identification of unmet demand / unserved policy purposes / new improvement opportunities
  • Demonstration of novel and creative ideas
  • Originality of the work or demonstration of inspiration from other cited resources

Bonus points (10%)


  • Citation of other research as evidence?
  • Overall storyline?
  • Description of future scalability?

Phase 2: Development of Deliverable


Shortlisted contestants will be invited to turn their proposals into deliverables under the guidance of mentors. The contestants will also have to submit a work brief for evaluation. In addition, the contestants will have to present to the judges on the Presentation Day.


  • A deliverable whose functions and application of spatial data and technology tools (e.g., GIS, IoT, VR or others) are consistent with the proposal.
  • A work brief prepared using Word or PowerPoint of no more than 20 pages (including appendix, excluding references), detailing the following in either English or Chinese:
    • Product introduction, including:
      1. Focused ESG challenge(s)
      2. Spatial data and application approach adopted
      3. Technologies or tools adopted (e.g., GIS, IoT, VR or others)
      4. Expected benefits of the deliverable
    • Functions of the deliverable

Judging Criteria




Development process (20%)

  • Ability in bringing proposal to reality
  • Elaboration of ideas into functions
  • Ability to translate user requirements into functions 
  • Additional work performed in defining the functions, purposes and user requirements

Functionality (40%)


  • Ability to demonstrate the use of spatial data
  • Ability to perform the required tasks or analysis
  • Ability to address the key challenges / pain points identified in the proposal
  • Demonstration of how technology tools / solutions are adopted 
  • Demonstration of potentials to become a   POC (proof of concept) to prove its applicability and adaptability in real life application 

Final presentation (40%)


  • Ability to present a compelling case for the deliverable
  • Creativity in presentation / demonstration
  • Demonstration of clear storyline  
  • Explanation of the benefits and impact of the deliverable to the target users 
  • Explanation of the scalability and long-term sustainability of the deliverable

Final Presentation

All shortlisted contestants are required to make a final presentation in person on the Presentation Day. The final ranking of the competition will be announced on the same day. Presentation can be delivered using English, Cantonese or Mandarin.

Roadshow for Winners

Roadshows to key industry players will be arranged for winners of this category. The schedules of the roadshows are tentatively planned for Q3 and Q4 of 2023.