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"3D Printing - Using LiDAR Data to Create 3D City Models "



This workshop session will demonstrate the physical outputs that are possible when combining the power of GIS, 3D modelling, and 3D printing. Participants will be taught to generate a 3D city model of areas in Hong Kong by using LiDAR data from CSDI Portal and use a 3D printer to print out the model.

Our workshop will mainly focus on publicly available resources for acquiring spatial data, software, and processes for converting data into 3D models. You can turn digital spatial data into reality and even bring home the 3D model as a souvenir for free!

Workshop outline:
- Learn the basics of geospatial 3D modelling and 3D printing
- Acquire spatial data and prepare the 3D city model for printing
- Demonstration of 3D printing
- Bring home the 3D-printed city model

Join us to learn more about GIS, 3D modelling, and 3D printing with hands-on session!

Intended Audience

Members interested in spatial data

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"3D Printing - Using LiDAR Data to Create 3D City Models "


24 February 2024 at 10:00 – 12:00


Geospatial Lab (Units 915-918, 9/F, Tower 1, Millennium City 1, 388 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon) 



*Each participant will receive a 3D model they created after the workshop

Registration Details

  • Please register via the registration link

  • For members only

  • Quota for face-to-face session: 20 (first-come-first-served)

  • Free of charge

  • The 3D model will be printed by staff and picked up by participant afterward

  • Successful applicants will be notified individually by phone or email

*Geospatial Lab reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the activity


Please contact the Geospatial Lab via 3708 7260, WhatsApp 9187 2916 or email