Primary School Category

Entry Requirements

  • Participation in the Awards can be as an individual, or on behalf of a school or an organisation
  • No limitation on the maximum number of teams from each school/organisation
  • The competition is open to both individuals and teams. Number of team members should be from 2 to 6
  • Each contestant can only participate in one team



Every participating unit will be asked to create an interactive web map to record a route or multiple routes geotagged with images, videos and geographic information, with the aim of presenting the relevant points of interest, their conditions and distinctive characteristics to the public.

In Phase 1 of the Awards, each participating unit will submit their interactive web map along with a slide deck and a 1-minute video introducing their work. During Phase 2, which is the finalist stage, participants will be expected to present and showcase their work using a physical display item no larger than 50 x 50 x 50cm.


  • Use spatial data available at the CSDI portal where appropriate
  • Use an interactive web map to create a map showing a route or multiple routes and all the stops visited by the contestants or their interested locations
  • Each stop in the map is geotagged with images, video and narrative texts to introduce the condition and characteristics of the places

Judging Criteria




Content (30%)

  • Alignment with and relevance to the theme

Use of Interactive Map(30%)


  • Appropriate use of spatial data from CSDI portal
  • Geotagging each location with images, videos, and narrative texts to record the experience of the journey or introduce the places

Idea and creativity (20%)


  • Use of highly attractive graphs, photos, figures, videos and maps
  • Demonstration of novel and creative ideas
  • Originality of the work
  • Show personal observations and opinions


Overall Presentation (20%)

  • Arrangement of materials in a fashion that is intuitive and easy to follow
  • Presentation of the slide deck, web maps, physical model and 1-minute video

Final Presentation and Award Ceremony


Shortlisted contestants will be informed individually and must make a presentation on their deliverables to the judges on the Presentation Day. The final ranking of the Awards will be announced on the Award Ceremony