Senior Secondary Category

Entry Requirements

  • Participation in the Awards can be as an individual, or on behalf of a school or an organisation
  • No limitation on the maximum number of teams from each school/organisation
  • The competition is open to both individuals and teams. Number of team members should be from 2 to 6
  • Each contestant can only participate in one team



Every participating unit will be asked to submit an interactive web map to show the location and spatial distribution of a phenomenon or geographic features related to the theme; further supported by basic spatial analyses to provide more insights and understanding of the distribution pattern they observed.

In Phase 1 of the Awards, each participating unit will submit their interactive web map along with a slide deck and a 1-minute video introducing their work. During Phase 2, which is the finalist stage, participants will be required to present and showcase their work using a physical display item no larger than 50 x 50 x 50cm.


  • Use spatial data available at the CSDI portal where appropriate
  • May apply thematic mapping skills such as choropleth map or heat mapping to manifest spatial patterns in the acquired data
  • Required to adopt basic spatial analyses such as buffer, clip and overlay analysis but no restriction on what analytical tools shall be used

Judging Criteria




Content and skills applied  (30%)

  • Alignment with and relevance to the theme
  • Adoption of map reading and interpretation skills to describe and explain the distribution pattern of the map
  • Application of any suitable spatial analysis such as clip, buffer and overlay analysis, and measure to provide solutions or reveal factors that control the spatial pattern

Quality of research (30%)


  • Provision of detailed explanations of any observed distribution pattern as shown on the maps
  • Appropriate use of spatial data from CSDI portal and spatial analysis in a meaningful and logical way
  • Excellent grasp of logical thinking and suitable engagement with maps demonstrated in all spatial analyses 

Idea and creativity (20%)


  • Use of highly attractive graphs, photos, figures and maps
  • Demonstration of novel and creative ideas
  • Originality of the work or demonstration of inspiration from other cited reference

Overall Presentation (20%)


  • The web map is well structured and highly coherent, which is intuitive and easy to follow
  • Presentation of the slides deck, physical model and 1-minute video

Final Presentation and Award Ceremony

Shortlisted contestants will be informed individually and must make a presentation on their deliverables to the judges on the Presentation Day. The final ranking of the Awards will be announced on the Award Ceremony