Junior Secondary Category

Entry Requirements

  • Participation in the Awards can be as an individual, or on behalf of a school or an organisation
  • No limitation on the maximum number of teams from each school/organisation
  • The competition is open to both individuals and teams. Number of team members should be from 2 to 6
  • Each contestant can only participate in one team


Every participating unit will be asked to submit an interactive web map to show the location and spatial distribution of a phenomenon or geographic features, further adopting map reading skills to describe and explain any distribution patterns they observed (e.g., why features concentrate in some areas but not others, or why features are dispersed in a linear fashion or a regular pattern).

In Phase 1 of the Awards, each participating unit will submit their interactive web map along with a slide deck and a 1-minute video introducing their work. During Phase 2, which is the finalist stage, participants will be required to present and showcase their work using a physical display item no larger than 50 x 50 x 50cm.


  • Use spatial data available at the CSDI portal where appropriate
  • Focus on the distribution pattern as manifested on the map
  • Try to answer simple questions such as “where is it?”, “where does it occur?”, “what is there?”, “why is it there?”, “is there a distribution pattern?”, and so forth
  • Participants may stack up other spatially related maps to answer questions such as “what factors govern the distribution pattern?” or “what else is spatially associated with the phenomenon?” and so forth
  • Spatial analysis is not required for this category, but participants are free to employ it if they think it can help them to explain the distribution pattern better

Judging Criteria




Content and skills applied (30%)

  • Alignment with and relevance to the theme
  • Adoption of a map-centric story map, geotagging with images, videos, and narrative text
  • Adoption of map reading and interpretation skills to describe and explain the map's distribution pattern

Quality of research(30%)


  • Appropriate use of spatial data from CSDI portal and spatial analysis in a concise, logical and effective manner
  • Provision of detailed explanations and analysis of the observed distribution pattern as shown on the maps
  • Presentation of all the discussions and analyses in a clear and well-defined framework

Idea and creativity (20%)


  • Use of highly attractive graphs, photos, figures and maps
  • Demonstration of novel and creative ideas
  • Originality of the work or demonstration of inspiration from other cited reference

Overall Presentation (20%)


  • The web map is well structured and highly coherent, which is intuitive and easy to follow
  • Presentation of the slides deck, physical model and 1-minute video

Final Presentation and Award Ceremony

Shortlisted contestants will be informed individually and must make a presentation on their deliverables to the judges on the Presentation Day. The final ranking of the Awards will be announced on the Award Ceremony