CSDI Awards 2023

To promote CSDI and to raise the public’s interest in spatial data, Geospatial Lab, established by the Development Bureau, is organizing the CSDI Awards 2023 – “Propel Our City with Spatial Data” (the “Awards”). The goal of these Awards is to encourage students and individuals from the public to make creative use of spatial data to address challenges faced by the city. The CSDI Awards 2023 Presentation Day and Award Ceremony were successfully held on 29 and 30 July. After rounds of evaluation and selection by the judges, the winners of the awards in the four categories were successfully announced.

This year’s theme for the Awards is “Environmental, Social and Governance” (“ESG”). Key issues in ESG — such as environmental protection, social inclusiveness, conservation, wellbeing and access to resources — bear spatial dimensions and therefore provide the opportunity for problem-solving with spatial data. The Awards encourages the creative use of spatial data from the CSDI portal to deal with the challenges related to ESG issues, making Hong Kong a livable, smart and innovative city.

The Awards have sparked a surge of creativity since the year started, with our briefing sessions, workshops, and mentorship programs aiding contestants throughout their "spatial" journey. The response has been enthusiastic and overwhelming. We've seen a record-breaking number of exceptional entries. In light of this, the number of finalist groups for Category 1 (Primary School Category, P4 to P6) and Category 2 (Junior Secondary Category, S1 to S3) has been increased from 8 to 10. For Category 3 (Senior Secondary Category, S4 to S6) and Category 4 (Open Category, individuals from the public and tertiary students), the number of finalist groups has been increased from 8 to 12.

We would like to express our profound appreciation to our guests, judges, and contestants for their participation in the Awards.

We look forward to continuing to engage with the public through our forthcoming activities. Please stay tuned for more updates!

List of Awards of the CSDI Awards 2023

Primary School Category (Photo Review)


Title: 大大步尋喵星人:尋覓社區貓咪的足跡

Tai Po Old Market Public School (Plover Cove) - JIM Ho Lam, KE Xin Yue, LEUNG Hoi Lam, LEUNG Tsun Ting, WONG Ho Ching, YIP Hei Ching

1st runner-up

Title: 城門河「伴」- ESG

Leung Kui Kau Lutheran Primary School - LAM Hei Yan, LAW Hei Yee, PANG Cheuk Lam

2nd runner-up

Title: 香港的重建及活化項目

Tsung Tsin Primary School and Kindergarten - CHEN Yun Han, FUNG Lok Ching, LI Yui Chit, NG Marcus Cheuk Hin, SO Ting Hoi, YAN Xin Tong

Junior Secondary Category (Photo Review)


Title: Reasons behind long waiting hours of public hospitals in HK

Diocesan Girls' School - MA Yung Wai Jocelyn、YU Yong Xuan、KWAN Ching Tung

1st runner-up

Title: Beyond the Blueprint: From old industrial to new residential areas

Hong Kong University Graduate Association College - TSUI Chung Yi Kunboss、WONG Ho Tom 、SHE Tsz Hin Jacob

2nd runner-up

Title: 綠色風之路

Kowloon Sam Yuk Secondary School - FANG Hui Ying、CHOI Ting Yiu、SHUM Hin Wing、ZHANG Jie Run 

Senior Secondary Category (Photo Review)


Title: 新市鎮檔案

St. Paul's Co-Educational College - KAM Ching Lam

1st runner-up

Title: Red Tides in Hong Kong

Sheng Kung Hui Tang Shiu Kin Secondary School - SUNG Lok Hei、CHAN Lok Nok、CHAN Hoi Ying、WONG Cheuk Yin Janet、SIN Cheuk Kiu、YEUNG Chun Kit

2nd runner-up

Title: Where should we go? -- an escape route for people in Hong Kong during future wars

St. Mary's Canossian College - CHAN Sze Wing Wing、LAU Cheuk Tung Nikki、LEE Magnolia、LAI Hiu Yan Michelle

Open Category (Photo Review)


To BAND or to BAN - Envisioning street performance scenes in Hong Kong

1st runner-up

Urban EYE - GeoAI-based and Data-driven Urban Redevelopment

2nd runner-up

BrickThrough HK

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